UV-C lamps are incredibly powerful in combatting buildups of mold, fungi, contaminants and bacteria buildups that form what’s known as biofilm – a slimy layer of bacteria that forms on HVAC infrastructure surfaces, limiting the effectiveness of your air filtration systems. UV-C lamps are a strong technology that is capable of combatting the formation of biofilms, ensuring that your HVAC infrastructure does not encounter unnecessary duress that can reduce its lifespan and cause need for early repairs and maintenance.

When under the right conditions and using the proper designations, UVGI technologies can be effective in destroying certain molds and fungus that are growing in the moist interiors of your HVAC surfaces, such as on cooling coils, in drain pans, or in ductwork. Ensuring that cooling coils remain free of any buildups is a massive part of ensuring best HVAC maintenance and equipment practices. Our UV lamps and lighting systems begin to kill mold immediately upon turning them on, with roughly 90% of certain surface microbes inactivated within the first few minutes, and 99.99% after the first 24 hours. 

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