ECOSENSE Platforms

What does an IAQ Consultation Look Like?

The first step in our IAQ consultation process is a pre-site visit, where we will meet with you and your stakeholders to determine whether our products are the right fit for your facility. Then we will conduct a site visit where our team works directly with your HVAC contractor to survey your HVAC equipment so we can provide you with an installation quote, which is followed by installation and periodic reviews, where our subject matter experts provide additional recommendations based off your system’s performance.  

ECOSENSE Platforms is a multifaceted IAQ solution that enables building owners, facility managers, and businesses to keep their occupants comfortable and safe, all while reducing the risks and costs associated with occupant health and productivity levels.  

Our innovative dashboard views make it easy for stakeholders to gain visibility into potential problems so that they can be addressed and documented quickly while keeping your occupants safe from any new health dangers that may be around the corner.  

Sustainability Incentives and ECOSENSE Platforms

Additionally, our IAQ solution can help increase the value of your building and company, reduce your utility costs, and help leaders make better, faster, and more sustainable business decisions.  In addition to lowering your operating costs by saving energy and resources, there are several additional ROI benefits that you may be able to take advantage of when ECOSENSE Platforms is installed in your facility. Energy incentives and tax deductions can lower the cost of the project and/or accelerate your ROI. Additionally, buildings with ECOSENSE Platforms may be eligible for additional LEED credits, which means you may be able to increase employee recruitment, retention, and productivity, command higher rents, and attract more tenants. By employing a lease or subscription program, the project may be paid for over time by your energy savings. The typical payback period is 2-3 years.  

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