TWIG® Energy and Sustainability (TWIG® EAS) Consulting Partners with EcoGroup USA for HVAC System Recommendations

“Saving Lives is Our Goal and Passion”, Gregory Shiffner, CEO of EcoGroup USA 

Eatontown, NJ/Press Release/March 15, 2021/ECOGROUP USA, CORP. (ECG) (“ECG” or the “Company”   

EcoGroup USA is excited to announce a partnership with TWIG® Energy & Sustainability (TWIG® EAS) Consulting to bring expertise and innovative capabilities as part of EcoGroup USA’s technical team.  

EcoGroup USA CEO Gregory Shiffner welcomes TWIG® EAS along with Chairman and CEO Dave R. Wall, P.E. aan invaluable strategic partnership 

TWIG’s vast experience in the industry, and reputation for being an innovative thinker, will allow us to quickly advance our ECOSENSE Platforms into world-class projects together,” Shiffner saidTWIG has decades of experience as well as a footprint across the US and Caribbean Islands. With offices in Miami, NYC, and the Caribbean TWIG is known for bringing new and emerging technologies to clients in the private, commercial, and government sectors. Mr. Wall and his companies will serve as a welcomed addition to EcoGroup USA’s technology advisory board. Having worked on construction projects together in the past, I am excited to work and collaborate together.” 

Dave R. Wall, P.E. added, We should be striving to embrace innovative, energy-saving technologies towards healthy and sustainable engineering solutions.” 

TWIG® Energy & Sustainability (TWIG® EAS) Consulting is a specialized branch of The Wall Consulting Group, Inc (TWIG®) whose consultants and design team members are the technical core of excellent project development and implementation. 

In addition to TWIG® EAS’ contribution to the EcoGroup USA‘s product development efforts, TWIG® EAS will provide crucial HVAC system recommendations for critical clients once their data from ECOSENSE Platforms becomes available. 

About TWIG® Energy & Sustainability (TWIG® EAS) Consulting

TWIG® EAS  is rich in talent and experience; we can take a project from an idea to a workable and buildable design, that includes a full spectrum of LEED™ project review and analysis. 

Our main focus is on Passive House Design services, LEED and Sustainability services, Geothermal, reducing Carbon Footprint, Energy Conservation, Building Energy Performance Modeling, High Energy Technologies, CoGeneration Technologies and Micro-Turbine Technologies. 


TWIG®  EAS provides comprehensive building infrastructure master planning and analysis that includes:  

– Passive House Design 

– LEED Project Registration 

– Credit Interpretations Rulings (CIR) 

– Application filing process 

– Review and Certifications 

– Appeals 

– LEED Certification Analysis 

– Geothermal Systems Analysis & Design 

– Renewable Energy Sources Analysis  

– Indoor Air Quality Analysis 

– Integrated Architectural and Engineering Systems Analysis 

– High-Efficiency MEP Design Analysis 

– Commissioning Review and Analysis 

– D0E-2 Building Simulation and Energy  Analysis  

For the Commercial and Residential specialized TWIG® EAS has employed and executed several energy system analysis evaluation programs. 


TWIG® EAS has one of the most experienced sustainable design departments in the country. 

This branch provides our clients with LEED™ review and analysis for new and existing facilities. With an intimate knowledge of the ASHRAE standards, TWIG®  EAS  has assisted clients with a variety of building related modifications, and with resolution of LEED™ related issues. 

TWIG® EAS assists with project design analysis – engineering reviews of HVAC design, analysis and coordination of building loads.

TWIG® EAS’ consultants take a whole building approach when identifying energy efficiency opportunities and offer a complete package for implementing and achieving energy reduction. 

About EcoGroup USA

EcoGroup USA was established in 2018 on Long Island, NY as a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) company. In September 2020, EcoGroup USA began structuring the merger with STAT Holdings, LLC to expand the company’s geographic reach and product offerings, bringing on patented antimicrobial technologies, executive management, a renowned group of scientists, PhDs, and healthcare experts with decades of experience. 

EcoGroup USA’s mission is to create spaces in which employees, customers, clients, and residents will be safe from indoor air pathogens. Our technology partners have over 15 years of experience, our team of subject matter experts have been focused on the reduction of harmful viruses, bacteria, and microbes, including the Novel COVID 19 Virus. 

Our product offerings feature innovative and emerging EPA registered products including patented organic antimicrobial technologies manufactured in the US.  Our flagship solution is ECOSENSE Platforms, a comprehensive IAQ System that which features an antimicrobial UVGI approach proven to eliminate 99.9% of certain microbial germs on surfaces and in the air, including the SARS-COV-2 Virus. We are a rapidly expanding company with corporate locations in Eatontown, NJ, Long Island, Staten Island and Charleston S.C. We have sales teams and strategic partners located across the US and our Research & Development teams are in Jupiter Florida as well as the Penn Center for Innovation located in Philadelphia, PA.   

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