Thermal Imaging Technology by i-OnTemp

Return to Normalcy with Large-Scale Temperature Verification

Protect your staff, facility, and visitors by keeping public areas clear of unwell individuals with next-generation mobile thermal imaging technology that promotes social distancing, keeps entryways clear, and easy to install.   

Individual health scans, mobile kiosks, and large-scale temperature monitoring systems are time-consuming and complicated to set up. They create congestion and can invoke anxiety. 

  • Identify and be alerted to anyone with a fever, the most common symptom of contagious viruses, without restricting freedom of movement 
  • Monitor the body temperature of individuals in large groups as they pass freely and anonymously  

i-OnTemp will identify and alert you to potentially sick persons based on their skin temperature at the entrance of public locations. 

Thermal Imaging Technology Features

Efficiently and accurately detect anyone with a fever within a 20-foot radius of the camera 
  • Plug and Play setup requires minimal training  
  • Ready out-of-the-box – no complicated large-scale installation  
  • Adjustable temperature calibration   
  • Scan 100 persons per minute    
  • Bluetooth Audio alert when a high temperature is detected  
  • Can be relocated quickly and easily   
  • Can be used without a power supply for up to eight hours 
Thermal imaging technology by i-On Temp