HVAC Filtration

Provide the Best Possible Indoor Air Quality for Your Occupants

Traditional HVAC Filters Are Not Designed to Make the Air We Breathe Healthier

Purity Low Profile filter for optimal HVAC filtration

Public spaces such as offices, schools, hotels, and healthcare facilities usually have clogged and dirty ventilation systems. Conventional filters trap particulates such as dust mites and pollen but are less effective in capturing biological and chemical contaminants, and do not reduce odors.   

High-Efficiency Polarized Air Filters Are 97% More Effective for HVAC Filtration Systems

Purity Low Profile Commercial air filters provide multiple stages of filtration with a 30% reduction in odor-causing VOCs. They use a polarized charge to capture small yet high-threat particles like bacteria, mold spores, and some viruses by attracting and clumping them together, making them easier to capture without restricting airflow. 

Requires Less Energy Than HEPA or high MERV filters 

According to the IAQ Procedures outlined by ASHRAE, large buildings using the polarized filtration system could cut their outside air requirements by half or even two thirds, while using less energy required to maintain airspeed and cool or heat outside air compared to HEPA or MERV filters. You can make your HVAC systems even safer when you add a UV-C Lightning component.