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How Do I know Which IAQ Solutions Are Right for My Business?

How Do I know Which IAQ Solutions Are Right for My Business?

With so many choices of devices on the market that claim to measure many complex indoor air pollutants, knowing which IAQ solutions to choose for your business can feel confusing and overwhelming. Many indoor air quality devices have come under fire for deceptive and misleading claims about effectiveness.

A robust IAQ solution encompasses awareness, understanding, and action. A system with the right sensors that measure contaminant levels can help you monitor what’s in your air. Systems that provide data analytics make it easy to understand your specific situation so you can then take action and implement controls that lower the pollution inside of your facility.   

Ensuring that your system or device is calibrated correctly is vital; otherwise, you may experience wild swings in your readings. Finally, it is crucial to know how to interpret your readings.  

When evaluating an indoor air quality system for your business, consider asking yourself the following:  

  • Does the system provide reading thresholds to inform whether a reading is good or bad? 
  • Does the system have mobile or desktop apps that allow you to perform data analysis? 
  • Does the system tell you how your air quality is at a glance? 
  • Does the system help you understand what kind of behaviors are causing negative changes (i.e., using cleaning products or high humidity levels)? 
  • Does the system help you identify trends over times and seasons? 
  • Does the system tell you when you need to act?  

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