how do i know if uvgi working

How Do I Know My UVGI Measures are Working?

For years, scientists have known germicidal UV-C disinfection as an effective method for disinfecting air, water, and nonporous surfaces. In fact, UVGI light systems have been widely used since the 1980s to control tuberculosis in healthcare environments. Although strictly air filtration is not enough to protect your facility from airborne viruses like SARS-CoV-2, implementing UVGI lighting technology into your HVAC ducts kills not only contaminants like dirt, mold and fungi, but also the other buildups that allow viruses to easily spread throughout the air of your facility. The ability to perform not only surface disinfection but also air disinfection makes UVGI an extremely valuable tool in ensuring surface and air safety in healthcare and industrial environments, where cleanliness matters the absolute most.

EcoGroup USA’s comprehensive IAQ infrastructure combines strong, energy-efficient air filtration with UV-C UVGI light technologies to protect the air that your facility and staff breathes each day.

When you install ECOSENSE Platforms into your facility, our innovative executive dashboards and reporting modules will provide you with a clear picture of whether your safety measures, including UV-C lamps, are properly cleaning your air. While UV-C lamps require annual to bi-annual maintenance, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on all of our UV lighting system parts (not including lamps). 

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