EcoGroup USA Executes Supply Agreement with TekWeld

STATEN ISLAND, NY May 1, 2020 -EcoGroup USA today entered into a supply agreement with TekWeld for the provision of some its consumer personal protection equipment (PPE) including hand sanitizers, antimicrobial mask sprays, and antimicrobial hand foams. Tekweld is a cutting-edge supplier for unique items that are hard to find anywhere else. They specialize in state-of-the-art blending and bottling services of EPA, FDA approved products. Tekweld’s domestically produced items are being produced daily in their cutting-edge facilities to ensure that its customer’s needs are met in the most professional way possible.

“What is most impressive about Tekweld is that their production facilities are located in Long Island, NY”, remarked by EcoGroup USA’s CEO, Gregory Shiffner, Sr. “Our relationship, which started with the production of hand sanitizer, is evolving as EcoGroup USA looks to bring to market what we believe to be the most effective antimicrobial products, which employs solutions unavailable so far to the typical consumer”, Shiffner continued. “We need to have same confidence in our blending and bottling partners as we do with our antimicrobial solutions. We have found that partner in Tekweld and EcoGroup USA could not be happier”, Mr. Shiffner concluded.