EcoGroup USA Appoints Gregory Shiffner Sr. as Chief Executive Officer

STATEN ISLAND, NY August 1, 2020 — EcoGroup USA today announced the appointment of Gregory Shiffner, Sr. as inaugural Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. The appointment was a condition of the recently announced partnership between the two-year old EcoGroup USA and New Jersey based STAT Group, LLC.

According to EcoGroup USA founder, Joel Nazareno, “Greg is a successful entrepreneurial executive with 35 years of experience in developing sales strategies, manufacturing, and distribution for domestic and international markets, which is critical for the success of EcoGroup USA at this stage in the life of our company. Greg’s diverse background includes construction, educational, telecommunications, energy-efficient technology, healthcare, and anti-microbial solutions, which were developed in public, private, and government sectors, in domestic and international markets,” Nazareno concluded.

Shiffner stated, “I am pleased to incorporate my twelve years of experience in the surface antimicrobial industry at EcoGroup USA. Having worked closely on major transactions with EcoGroup USA’s personal protection equipment division in recent months, I am excited and honored to be named the company’s first CEO,” Gregory remarked. He went on to state, “The company is poised for tremendous growth given our respective resources. EcoGroup USA brought sales, marketing, and operational systems capabilities to the partnership, while STAT Group, provided a network of international business contacts, decades of experience in the antimicrobial and IT field, considerable intellectual property rights, a timely business model, and a wealth of management experience. Our respective strengths and identified synergies, made the partnership between EcoGroup USA and the STAT Group a very logical decision for all stakeholders, and my appointment as CEO a natural extension of my existing relationship and role with the company,” Shiffner concluded.

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