EcoGroup USA and Fresh Aire UV Enter Into A Partnership Agreement

“Saving Lives is Our Goal and Passion”, Gregory Shiffner, CEO of EcoGroup USA 

Staten Island, NY/Press Release/August 27, 2020/ECOGROUP USA, CORP. (ECG) (“ECG” or the “Company”   

EcoGroup USA and Jupiter Florida based Fresh-Aire UV  entered into a strategic partnership agreement effective immediately.

Ron Saunders, Director and Co-Owner of FAUV, working with CEO Gregory Shiffner, and Dr. Hal Haines, CTO of EcoGroup USA, have developed a strategy to advance and develop enhanced UVC distribution and IAQ monitoring platforms to get their clients back to work safely in health workspaces.

For 20 years, Fresh-Aire UV (FAUV) has been the world leader in proprietary germicidal UV light disinfection for HVAC applications, and their products are innovative and quality-made in the USA. Fresh-Aire UV’s cutting edge technology has successfully completed phase-1 third-party testing for effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease) and is equally effective at fighting mold, bacteria, odors, and other viruses in commercial and residential environments.

“While EcoGroup USA is a relatively new entity, the collective technical and operational experience of our key personnel and Technical Advisory Board combined with FAUV’s product line, has enabled us to deliver a ground-breaking and comprehensive Indoor Air Quality treatment and Monitoring System. For example, EVP Vince Murphy has spent the past decade in connected lighting systems, low-voltage networks, and manufacturing with several of northeast’s largest lighting manufacturing companies. This experience brought a complete understanding for delivering complex combinations of Fresh-Aire UV’s products with EcoGroup USA’s proprietary IAQ platform: ECOSENSE Platforms. Our agreement with Fresh Aire UV enables us to provide industry leading Indoor Air Quality products combined with our systems to provide todays safest and healthiest environments” remarked Gregory Shiffner. “We are extremely excited to work with the tremendous team at Fresh Aire UV.”

About EcoGroup USA

EcoGroup USA was established in 2018 on Long Island, NY, as a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) company. In September 2020, EcoGroup USA began structuring the merger with STAT Holdings, LLC to expand the company’s geographic reach and product offerings, bringing on patented antimicrobial technologies, executive management, a renowned group of scientists, PhDs, and healthcare experts with decades of experience. 

EcoGroup USA’s mission is to create spaces in which employees, customers, clients, and residents will be safe from indoor air pathogens. Our technology partners have over 15 years of experience, our team of subject matter experts have been focused on the reduction of harmful viruses, bacteria, and microbes, including the Novel COVID 19 Virus.  

Our product offerings feature innovative and emerging EPA registered products, including patented organic antimicrobial technologies manufactured in the US.  Our flagship solution is ECOSENSE Platforms, a comprehensive IAQ System that features an antimicrobial UVGI approach proven to eliminate 99.9% of certain microbial germs on surfaces and in the air, including the SARS-COV-2 virus. We are a rapidly expanding company with corporate locations in Eatontown, NJ, Long Island, Staten Island and Charleston S.C. We have sales teams and strategic partners located across the US and our Research & Development teams are in Jupiter, FL as well as the Penn Center for Innovation located in Philadelphia, PA.    

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