EcoGroup Holdings Opens Fund for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Import and Sales

Eatontown, NJ/Press Release/December 23, 2020/ECOGROUP USA, CORP. (ECG) (“ECG” or the “Company”   

“Saving Lives is Our Goal and Passion”, Gregory Shiffner, CEO of EcoGroup USA 

EcoGroup USA, industry leader in the PPE and IAQ solutionshave announced the opening of EcoGroup Holdingsa fund to support PPE imports and sales for large-scale clients.  

“In our industry, it is commonplace to have 3 to 5 different parties involved in a financial transaction, ultimately leading to deals falling apart and missed opportunities to deliver essential products the world so desperately needs amid a global pandemic” said Gregory Shiffner, CEO of EcoGroup Holdings.   

Where funding is needed, EcoGroup Holdings has simplified the financial process to provide comfort to buyers requesting cost, insurance, and freight terms, including government contracts or institutional contracts that require payment terms up to 60 days after delivery. The fund, which is backed by several private equity and capital fund companies with decades of business and over a billion in assets, makes it possible for EcoGroup Holdings to efficiently run deals through legal and compliance to service the needs of all its clients. 

EcoGroup Holdings’ “No Broker Approach” promises clients that all orders will meet product specifications, as well as regulatory compliance. With boots on the ground at every factory they operate in, EcoGroup Holdings oversees each stage of new production and provides full factory audits and SGS reports. Taking possession at the factory, they put a 110% insurance wrap on entire shipments loaded onto their GPS tracked trucks, ensuring that the product their clients order is the product their clients receive. 

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About EcoGroup USA

EcoGroup USA was established in 2018 on Long Island, NY as a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) company. In September 2020, EcoGroup USA began structuring the merger with STAT Holdings, LLC to expand the company’s geographic reach and product offerings, bringing on patented antimicrobial technologies, executive management, a renowned group of scientists, PhDs, and healthcare experts with decades of experience. 

EcoGroup USA’s mission is to create spaces in which employees, customers, clients, and residents will be safe from indoor air pathogens. Our technology partners have over 15 years of experience, our team of subject matter experts have been focused on the reduction of harmful viruses, bacteria, and microbes, including the Novel COVID 19 Virus. 

Our product offerings feature innovative and emerging EPA registered products including patented organic antimicrobial technologies manufactured in the US. Our flagship solution is ECOSENSE Platforms, a comprehensive IAQ System that features an antimicrobial UVGI approach proven to eliminate 99.9% of certain microbial germs on surfaces and in the air, including the SARS-COV-2 Virus.

We are a rapidly expanding company with corporate locations in Eatontown, NJ, Long Island, Staten Island and Charleston S.C. We have sales teams and strategic partners located across the US and our Research & Development teams are in Jupiter Florida as well as the Penn Center for Innovation located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.    

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