UV Light Room

Does UV Light Have Negative Effects on Surrounding Materials?

The effects of UV light have been studied for nearly a century at this point. Although the current focus surrounding research on the technology may be centered around its effects in mitigating the effects of COVID-19, industry leaders have been studying the capacity of UV light to act as a disinfectant agent since the early 1900’s, during which UV technologies became commercially available. Although UV light may negatively affect the human body in places like the eyes, skin and teeth if an individual is exposed to its associated radiation for too long, implementing UV-C lighting into the HVAC infrastructure of your facility provides extremely little risk, as direct exposure is the only time that any health risks present themselves.

The power of UV-C light as a disinfecting technology in HVAC systems ultimately does not come without its risks to the surfaces and areas contained within HVAC ducts. While long-term exposure to UV-C can damage plastic materials, we are proud to provide our customers with UV-C products that provide an ideal balance between germicidal effectiveness without damaging sensitive materials inside of your HVAC system.  

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