UV Lamp FAQ – Power Usage, Ozone, Replacement

Depending on the manufacturer, UV lamps generally need to be replaced every one to two years (or every 9,000 to 18,000 hours)The effectiveness of UV lamps diminishes over time, and even though your lamp may still be glowing after its one or two-year designation, it is still vital to replace it. On our products, “1 year” and “2 year” lamp designations refer to effective output and now when the light will burn out. Replacement bulbs are available and will be provided by your HVAC technician. 

Most ultraviolet lamps are designed to run continuously and do not need to be switched on and off. Our UV lighting systems are intended to run for 24 hours a day, as continuously turning the lamps on and off may shorten the life of the lamp(s).  Germicidal lamps only produce as much heat as fluorescent lamps; therefore, you do not need to worry about your HVAC’s UV lamp getting too hot or overheating.

In addition, some germicidal UV-C lamps emit ozone; however, we are proud to provide our customers with ozone-free lamps. 

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